Kelso Standard Drawings, May 2021

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Storm Drainage, Grading Erosion Control

Kelso Plans WSDOT Plans
KSD-000-21 Storm Drain General Notes                                                                                        WSDOT B-05.20-02 Catch Basin Type 1 W/ Supplement
KSD-010-21 Curb Inlet WSDOT B-05.40-02 Catch Basin Type 1L W/ Supplement
KSD-020-21 Ditch Inlet WSDOT B-10.20-02 Catch Basin Type 2 W/ Supplement
KSD-030-21 Area Drainage Basin or Field Inlet WSDOT B-15.20-01 Manhole Type 1 W/ Supplement
SD-040-21 LID Bioretention Planter WSDOT B-25.20-02 Combination Inlet
SD-050-21 LID Bioretention Planter, Curb Extension WSDOT B-30.10-03 Rectangular Frame (Reversible)
SD-060-21 LID Bioretention, Curb Extension, Planting Plan WSDOT B-30.30-03 Rectangular Vaned Grate
SD-070-21 LID Planter Wall WSDOT B-30.50-03 Rectangular Herringbone Grate
SD-080-21 LID Beehive Outlet Structure WSDOT B-30.70-04 Circular Frame (Ring) and Cover W/ Supplement
SD-090-21 LID Trench Drain to Bioretention Facility WSDOT B-30.90-02 Miscellaneous Details for Drainage Structures W/ Supplement
SD-100-21 LID Inlet/Outlet for Bioretention Curb Extension Planters WSDOT B-35.40-00 Grate Inlet Type 2
SD-110-21 LID Side Curb Cut WSDOT B-40.20-00 Welded Grates for Grate Inlet
  WSDOT B-55.20-02 Pipe Zone Bedding & Backfill W/ Supplement
  WSDOT B-60.20-01 Connection Details for Dissimilar Culvert Pipe
  WSDOT B-70.20-00 Beveled End Sections, Culverts 30" Diameter or Less W/ Supplement
  WSDOT B-75.20-02 Headwalls for Culvert Pipe and Underpass
  WSDOT B-75.60-00 Type 2 Safety Bars for Culvert Pipe or Pipe Arch (On Cross Road) W/ Supplement
  WSDOT I-30.15-02 Silt Fence
  WSDOT I-30.30-02 Wattle Installation on Slope
  WSDOT I-30.40-02 Compost Sock
  WSDOT I-40.20-00 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
  WSDOT I-50.20-01 Check Dams on Channels
  WSDOT I-60.10-01 for Slopes
  WSDOT I-60.20-01 for Ditches
  WSDOT I-80.10-02 Miscellaneous Erosion Control Details


Kelso Plans WSDOT Plans
KST-010-21 Trench Backfill and Restoration (Arterial Streets) WSDOT-A-40.15-00 PCC Pavement Isolation Joints w/ Supplemental Sheet
KST-020-21 Trench Backfill and Restoration (Local and Collector Streets) WSDOT-F-10.12-04 Cement Concrete Curbs w/ Supplement
KST-030-21 Trench Backfill and Restoration (Cement Concrete Pavement) WSDOT-F-10.16-00 Cement Concrete Curb and Gutter Pan w/ Supplement
KST-040-21 Trench Restoration (Unpaved Areas) WSDOT-F-40.12-03 Parallel Curb Ramp w/ Supplement
KST-050-21 Types of Joints for Concrete Sidewalks, Ramps and Pavements WSDOT-F-40.14-03 Combination Curb Ramp w/ Supplement
KST-060-21 Cut-in Curb Drain WSDOT-F-40.15-04 Perpendicular Curb Ramp w/ Supplement
KST-070-21 Sidewalks WSDOT-F-40.16-03 Single Direction Curb Ramp w/ Supplement
KST-080-21 Cement Concrete Driveway Approach WSDOT-F-45.10-02 Detectable Warning Surface
KST-090-21 Asphalt Driveway Approach, No Curb  
KST-100-21 Sidewalk Widening Around Obstructions  
KST-110-21 Cement Concrete Valley Gutter  


Kelso Plans WSDOT Plans
KTR-010-21 Street Name Sign                                                                                    G-20.10-02 Ground Mounted Sign Placement w/ Supplement
  G-24.50-05 Steel Sign Support Types ST-1 - ST-4 Installation Details w/ Supplement
  J-28.10-02 Steel Light Standard
  J-28.24-01 Steel Light Standard Placement (Fixed Base)
  J-28.26-01 Steel Light Standard Placement Miscellaneous
  J-28.30-03 Steel Light Standard Foundation Types A & B w/ Supplement
  J-28.40-02 Steel Light Standard Base Mounting
  J-28.50-03 Steel Light Standard Pole Base and Hand Hole Details
  J-28.70-03 Steel Light Standard Wiring Details
  J-40.10-04 Locking Lid Standard Duty Junciton Box Types 1 & 2


Kelso Plans WSDOT Plans

KW-010-21 3/4" and 1" Water Service Connection 

B90.40-01 Concrete Thrust Block W/ Supplement

KW-020-21 Double Service Connection - 1" Residential

B90.50-00 Concrete Thrust Block for Convex Vertical Bends W/ Supplement

KW-030-21 1-1/2" and 2" Water Service


KW-040-21 2" Irrigation Water Service


KW-050-21 3" & Larger, Above Ground, Water Meter Assembly and Vault


KW-060-21 3" & Larger, Below Ground, Water Meter Assembly and Vault


KW-070-21 4" - 12" Typical Pressure Regulation Station


KW-080-21 Hydrant Assembly


KW-090-21 2" Blowoff Assembly


KW-100-21 1" Manual Air Release Assembly


KW-110-21 2" Air/Vacuum Release Valve


KW-120-21 Valve Box Assembly


KW-130-21 Connection to Existing Water Main


KW-140-21 Double Check Valve Assembly - 2" & Smaller


Sanitary Sewer 

Kelso Plans WSDOT Plans

KSS-000-21 Sanitary Sewer General                                                             

WSDOT-B-15.20-01 Manhole Type 1 W/ Supplement

KSS-010-21 Manhole Adjustment

WSDOT-B-15.60-02 Manhole Type 3 W/ Supplement

KSS-020-21 6" Sanitary Side Sewer

WSDOT-B-30.70-04 Circular Frame (Ring) and Cover W/ Supplement


WSDOT-B-30.90-02 Miscellaneous Details for Drainage Structures Supplement


WSDOT B-55.20-02 Pipe Zone Bedding and Backfill W/ Supplement


WSDOT-B-85.40-00 8" Sewer Clean Out W/ Supplement