Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement includes a variety of activities including:

Code Enforcement is the primary contact for concerns about land use and enforcing City ordinances. Code Enforcement helps the public understand their rights and obligations and work closely with other government agencies to promote community goals; and acts as a liaison with community members on programs and policies to ensure stable improvement to quality of life and neighborhoods.

Filing a Complaint

Do you have a concern? Please let us know!

What we need to know:

  • Property Address
  • Nature of the violation (i.e. tall grass, junk vehicle, garbage, etc.) Please be specific and with as much detail as possible. This helps our staff to quickly identify the possible violation.

This service is NOT intended for emergencies, or urgent problems that endanger life or property. For those concerns, please call 911. Submissions to this website are only monitored during normal business hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays).

Reporting Concerns On-Line

  • Please read this information before proceeding:
  • The Contact Us button allows you to request information or report a concern. Both sides of this portal will require you to create an account however, if you choose, you may remain anonyomous when reporting a concern. Just note that we do not follow up with the complaintant if you wish to remain anonymous. 
  • Note: (The Contact Us button does not take the place of a request for public information. If it is your intent to request public information, you will need to contact the City Clerk's office. Questions submitted at this portal will only be available to Community Development. All other City Departments must be contacted directly. This method of contacting us should only be used for general questions and non emergency items regarding building, zoning. or engineering. The Applications button allows you to apply for permits, view all of your recent permits to determine their status, and schedule inspections.).

Reporting Concerns by Phone

  • Please call 360-423-9922