Animal Control FAQs

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If you have a lost or found pet in the City of Kelso, check our links.

Cowlitz County Animal Control Facebook Link:

City of Kelso Facebook Link:

If you are interested in fostering, please reach out to the City of Kelso Animal Control Officer.

Andrew Stone


Phone Number 360-423-9922 EXT 3384



Does my pet need to be licensed? 

Adult dogs which reside within the Kelso City limits are required to be licensed and tagged.  Licenses and tags can be purchased at the Humane Society of Cowlitz County.  They are located at 909 Columbia Boulevard in Longview.  They can be reached at (360) 577-0151.

Does Kelso have a leash law?

Yes. Dogs are not allowed to roam, stray or be away from the premise of the owner or custodian, or to be in or on any public property unless they are controlled by means of a leash.

What kinds of animals are allowed with the Kelso City limits?

Dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals commonly kept as pets are allowed in all zoning districts.
Chickens, pigeons, geese, ducks and similar animals may be kept in RSF-5 and RSF-10 zoning districts. The total number allowed is six, with no more than two being geese.  No roosters are permitted.
Horses, cows, llamas, emus or similar animals are only allowed on lots in the RSF-10 district when the lot is two acres in size or greater.  Only two of such animals are permitted per lot.
Sheep, goats or similar animals are only allowed on lots in the RSF-10 district when the lot is two acres in size or greater.  Only four of such animals are permitted per lot.

I think there is a lost dog on my street, what should I do?

Most lost dogs can find their way home.  If they are not endangering anyone or running in a busy street it is probably best to let them be.  Feel free to contact our Animal Control specialist if you have concerns about a lost animal.

What can I do if strange dog keeps visiting my property?

It is unlawful for an owner to allow his dog to trespass or private property.  In addition, it is also unlawful for an owner to allow his dog to defecate on private property or in the street without cleaning it up. If you witness these activities, please file a complaint form with our Animal Control Department.

Can I file a complaint about my neighbors barking dog?

Yes.  It is unlawful to allow your pet to disturb the neighborhood with frequent, repetitive or continuous howling, barking, squawking or other prolonged sounds. If you are suffering from noise from neighboring animals, please fill out a noise report which documents the time and frequency of the infractions and file that with a completed complaint form.  Both forms can be found in the forms and handout section on this page.

There is an aggressive dog on my street, what should I do? 

Please contact our office and we will send out an Animal Control specialist to investigate the situation.

What can I do if my neighbor is mistreating his pets?

You can file a complaint with our Animal Control division and we will follow up with an investigation.  The complaint form can be found on this page.  Here is a list of common forms of mistreatment:

  • To leave or confine an animal to a motor vehicle or confined space where the animal might suffer from exposure to heat/cold, lack of ventilation, or lack of necessary water.
  • To cause or allow an animal to endure pain, suffering or injury
  • To fail to provide daily food and water
  • To tether or restrain an animal in any way in which it frequently becomes entangled
  • To abandon any animal or a road or highway, public property or on the private property of another person.