Water and Sewer

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The City of Kelso distributes clean water and collects wastewater from approximately 4,725 residential and commercial customers. This division of the Public Works Department is accountable for providing a safe, potable and adequate water distribution system and the safe and efficient removal and disposal of liquid wastes.

The City of Kelso operates and maintains 80 miles of water distribution system pipe, with 7 pump stations, 8 reservoir sites, and 12 pressure zones. The water supply is provided by a Ranney Collector with a 3.6 MGD Iron Removal facility with an excess of 1400 main water valves, approximately 605 fire hydrants and hydrant valves.

The Sewer Collection system consists of 60 miles of pipe with 11 pump stations, 3954 connections and over 1223 manholes. Sewage is transported to a regional treatment plant serving the communities of Longview, Kelso and the urban areas surrounding the cities.

Day to day functions include, but are not limited to, service and tap orders, assisting Finance with turn on/turn off's, repairing or replacing faulty meters, broken angle meter stops, service leak repairs, utility locates and pump station monitoring and maintenance.