Special Event Permits

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Special Events are any events or gatherings which occurs on City property (street, sidewalk, right-of-way, or public facility or place under the authority of the City).  These events include parades, runs, sporting events, street dances, shows or exhibitions, car shows, street fairs, block parties, etc...  (For a list of exceptions please see Special Events - Kelso Municipal Code 12.24.035)

Events held in City parks could be classified as a Special Event in a Park if any of the following will apply: more than 100 people in attendance, fees are charged, donations are accepted, fundraising is conducted, merchandise or food is sold. (For more detailed information please see: Special Events - Kelso Municipal Code 12.24)


Special Event Permit Application


Park Reservations and Application

Application Fees and Submittal Checklist

The following documents are required for an application to be considered complete and eligible for review:

  • A completed application submitted at least forty five days prior to the event. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all necessary information is provided, this may result in denial of permit based on inadequate review time.
  • Application Fees ($100 Special Event, $50 Temporary Use, $25 Special Event in Park)
  • Fees the City Manager is authorized to waive as per Resolution No. 14-1115
  • A detailed site map including event layout and temporary structures.
  • For Parades or Closures of Sidewalks and/or Streets a Traffic Control Plan showing the proposed route of the event including assembly/disbanding locations.
  • For all Special Event Applications: Proof of liability insurance naming the City of Kelso as an additional insured with a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $2,000,000 aggregate, or other such amount as may be established by the City’s insurance carrier. See our TULIP Event Insurance informational flyer for more details.
  • For all Temporary Use Applications, proof of the property owner’s permission to place the event on his/her property.
  • If applicant is applying on behalf of an organization, a letter from the organization stating that the applicant is authorized to apply for the special event permit on behalf of the organization.