Allen Street Corridor Transportation Study

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Explore our Online Open House and Take Our Survey 

We want to hear your thoughts! Explore our Online Open House to learn more about the corridor study and the preliminary design solutions that have been identified. Then take our survey to help identify a preferred design solution that meets the needs of the City of Kelso, WSDOT and the community. Click here to explore the open house:


Why are we doing this study?

What are we studying?

Allen Street is a key east-west route across Kelso that businesses, schools, residents, and visitors rely on. Vehicle volumes, proximity to I-5, short distances between intersections, and presence of nearby schools and businesses contribute to frequent back ups that result in delays and unsafe conditions. As a result of the traffic conditions, people driving, walking, and biking face delays and safety challenges throughout the corridor. We will be studying potential solutions to address these challenges. The City of Kelso is working closely with WSDOT to study potential improvements to Allen Street that will improve safety and mobility. Our goals are to understand what contributes to traffic and congestion in the area, what challenges users of the corridor face, and identify potential solutions to improve conditions and safety for all users. The study area includes the segment of Allen Street between South 8th Avenue and North 17th Avenue, portions of Minor Road and South Kelso Drive, and the I-5 freeway ramps associated with these segments.


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 Study Area Map

How will the community be involved in this study?

Throughout the study process, we will ask people who live, work and travel through the area for input to inform our understanding of what contributes to traffic and congestion in the area and help us identify potential solutions. The City of Kelso encourages everyone to participate in this process. We want to hear from you! Your collective experiences, challenges and goals will be considered alongside a technical analysis. Together, they will be used to understand existing conditions, develop alternatives that address the challenges, and identify a preferred alternative that meets the needs of the City of Kelso, WSDOT, and the community. There will be a number of ways you can provide input throughout this process, including an online survey, open houses, and workshops. Learn more about when you can get involved below.


Learn more about our outreach efforts, and what we've shared with the community so far:

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