Kelso Water & Sewer Utilities

The descriptions below outline the various utilities available to Kelso's citizens.

Water Hook-Ups
Senior Citizen Rate Reduction
Storm Sewer



A minimum deposit of $60.00 is required for water, sewer and/or garbage services. In addition, the City may require an additional deposit equal to the cost of three (3) months of estimated water service in the event the applicant can not establish a good credit history.

Deposits are applied to current bills after 30 months of good payment history.
Final bills are figured from the last reading to the date the water is shut off.
Deposits are nontransferable from one residence/resident to another.
If you move, you must make a new deposit.

To be hooked up to the City's water system, you must come to the Finance and Utility Department and initiate an application in person.


You will be required to present:

  • Personal Identification
  • A copy of your owner information or your current rental agreement
  • Identify your landlord and his or her current address
  • A verifiable letter of good credit history from a prior water/sewer utility provider for the previous 24 months.

Water service is provided by the City of Kelso and is charged on consumption.



Inside City Limits                                          

Residential                                                Water       Sewer     Garbage    Storm Water

Monthly Base Rate                                   $11.32*     $55.57      $13.57          $8.91

*In addition to the base rate shown above, $3.33 per 100 cubit feet shall be charged for metered water consumed.

Outside City Limits

Residential                                                 Water        Sewer

Monthly Base Rate                                     $16.98*     $83.36

*In addition to the base rate shown above, $5.00 per 100 cubic feet shall be charged for metered water consumed.

Commercial Water Rates Inside City Limits

Meter                 Monthly Rate

1"                            $23.39

1 1/2"                      $43.81

2"                            $68.08

3"                          $132.95

4"                          $206.12

6"                          $652.88

In addition to the rates shown, $3.33 per 100 cubic feet shall be charged for metered water consumed.

Outside City limit rate is 1.5 times the City rate.

Current Water and Sewer Ordinance 10-3733     New Water Sewer Ordinance 14-3832 Effective 2015


Garbage only accounts do not require a deposit.  To sign up for service you must come to the Finance and Utility Department and provide the same documents for water service.  Garbage is a flat rate and billed every other month.  Base rate is $13.57 per month.  The City contracts with Waste Control for garbage collection services.  Customers are provided with a garbage can.

Current Garbage Ordinance 13-3810


Drop-Site Recycling Locations:

Huntington Middle School 500 Redpath   *   Corner of S. Pacific & Cedar   *   Behind Super * Motel 250 S. Kelso Dr

Recycle Brochure

The City does have low income Senior Citizen Utility Rate Reductions. If you are at least 61 years of age and your total household income does not exceed $35,000 annually, you may qualify for a reduction on your water, sewer, garbage and storm water portion of your bill. You may pick up an application at the Finance and Utility Department. You will be required to show proof of your income.

The City has its own storm water utility with rates based on an impervious surface area. Monthly service charges range from $4.26 per impervious acre to $58.68 per impervious acre.

 Current Storm Water Ordinance 13-3811       New Storm Water Ordinance 14-3834 Effective 2015


For more information please Contact our office.