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Press Release


For information contact:  Steve Taylor – 360-577-3301

Kelso, WA – March 21, 2016

Kelso Council Seeks Citizen Volunteers for City Charter Review Committee

               Kelso is forming a citizens committee to review the city charter and recommend potential amendments for the City Council’s consideration.  Committee members must be voting residents of Kelso and available to attend at least three committee meetings between April and June of this year.  The Council plans to appoint at least five committee members at the April 5th regular meeting.  The city charter was last amended in 2006.  Any change to the charter must be approved by a majority of Kelso voters.  The current charter document can be accessed on the city’s website

               Interested residents are asked to submit a volunteer form to Jessica Bronstein in the City Manager’s Office by April 1st at 4:30pm.  The form can be accessed online at  

               Please call 360-577-3301 for additional information.