Layouts and Cross Sections

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Layouts and Cross Sections (November 9, 2009):


This overview plan reflects a full width project, with 30 mph curvature to show potential impacts, and to help assess feasibility for the various options. The reader will note that these options are not precisely what were shown in previous studies. As the project is the recipient of federal funds, we are obligated to complete a full assessment of all options, including a “no-build” option, before the Council can make a final decision on the “preferred option”. This graphic shows all three base options, and of course there may be many different minor changes before a preferred option is recommended. Our goal remains to get to the preferred option as quickly as we reasonably can.


Alternative Alignment

The following graphic represents a series of Alternative Street cross sections that could be used for the project. Similar to the alignment options, various combinations of these sections may be appropriate to different parts of the final alignment. They are presented to give the viewer an idea of the reason for the wide “project footprint.”


Alternative Street Cross Sections