Comprehensive Plan

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City of Kelso Comprehensive Plan

The City of Kelso Washington Comprehensive Plan is a management tool to be used as a resource to guide decision-making in the City as well as the allocation of limited City resources. The Comprehensive Plan is based on a Vision Statement that is a description of the preferred future for the City. Below is the official Plan that was adopted by the City Council on February 17, 2015.

Adopted Comprehensive Plan

Supporting Plans, Documents, and Maps

The following is a listing and brief summary description of the plans, documents, and maps that have been adopted by reference and are to be used in support of the implementation of this Plan.  Please note that as these plans, documents, and maps are updated the most recent version shall apply.  Copies of the maps may be viewed or purchased at the City Planning Department.

A. Supporting Plans
  1. City of Kelso Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan: (2/14)
  2. Cowlitz County Regional Trails Plan (12/06)
  3. City of Kelso 2012 Water System Master Plan Update (3/13)
  4. City of Kelso Sewer Master Plan (1/11)
  5. City of Kelso Six Year Capital Improvement Plan (4/14)
  6. City of Kelso Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan: (5/13)
  7. Cowlitz County Hazard Mitigation Plan (7/03)
  8. City of Kelso Downtown Design Plan:
  9. South Kelso Revitalization Plan (6/13)
  10. Southwest Washington Regional Airport Master Plan (2/11)
B. Supporting Documents
  1. City of Kelso Shoreline Master Program (update in progress)
  2. City of Kelso Municipal Code
C. Supporting Maps
  1. City of Kelso Official Zoning Map
  2. City of Kelso Future Land Use Map
  3. City of Kelso Existing Land Use Map
  4. City of Kelso Shoreline Designations Map (Draft)
  5. City of Kelso Map of Levees
  6. City of Kelso Critical Areas Maps:
  7. City of Kelso Public Lands Map
  8. Cowlitz County Future Land Use Map (Kelso vicinity)
  9. Cowlitz County Official Zoning Map (Kelso vicinity)