West Main Realignment - Phase 2

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 W. Main Realignment Ph 2 Preliminary Project Layout

The purpose of the West Main Realignment Project – Phase 2 is to complete design and construction of the Catlin Street portion of the West Main Street Realignment Project through the Cowlitz Way intersection. The full street improvement is planned to include widening to five lanes with an additional turn lane at the Cowlitz intersection, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, roadway illumination, stormwater management, landscaping, and traffic signal work as needed.

The overall West Main Realignment Project realigns West Main Street from the Allen Street Bridge to Catlin Street, through the intersection at Cowlitz Way. The purpose of the corridor improvements is to improve safety, reduce congestion, and enhance visual elements. The project began design in 2009, and the City obtained environmental clearance for the entire corridor design. Phase 1 was broken out as a separate project for right-of-way acquisition and construction, and included work from the west side of the Allen Street Bridge through the crossover to Catlin at 4th Avenue. From 4th Avenue to Cowlitz Way (SR 4), Catlin was restriped to a three-lane section. Construction of Phase 1 was completed in 2013.

The schedule for Phase 2 is to begin design work in 2018 and complete construction in 2020.

Calendar of Events:

March 13, 2019 - Open House Invitation

Documents of Interest:

Final Corridor Report (June 1, 2010) - Volume 1

Final Corridor Report (June 1, 2010) - Volume 2

Council Workshop Presentation (March 1, 2011)

West Main Realignment - Phase 1 (Completed October 2015)

Project Manager:

Tom Walsh