Park Reservations

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Reservation Application
Reservable Areas
Facility Use Fees
Facility Use Payment Information
Outdoor Facility Use Procedures
Park Rules & Regulations



Park Reservation Calendar

To make a reservation:

  1. View the above Park Reservation calendar to determine if the date that you are interested in is available.  Please note that we only accept reservations from February 1 - September 30.
  2. Complete a Park Reservation Application
  3. Return the application to the 2nd floor of City Hall for approval prior to payment.  (Alternatively you can mail in your application with payment.  Should the date no longer be available when received in office, you will have the option to change the date or to have all items returned.)
  4. Once payment is received for an approved application the reservation will be made and added to the calendar. (Reservations are made on a first come first paid basis)
  5. Each Monday, a calendar of reservations, for that week, will be posted at each area.

Please note that gatherings of 100 people or more will require a Special Event Permit Application along with the associated fee and portable restroom facilities. Tents over 120 sq. ft. (10x12) require a permit and must be inspected by the Fire Marshall prior to occupancy. Additional park rental days may be required to accomodate inspections.

Applicants should be aware that numerous tornaments occur during the spring and summer months at Tam O'Shanter Park and may create parking difficulties.  Tournament schedules and information can be obtained by contacting the following organizations:

Kelso Girls Softball Association

Kelso Youth Baseball

Kelso Babe Ruth

Reservable Areas

Tam O'Shanter Park

Up to 150 People

Rotary Park

Up to 50 People

Lit Covered Shelter Area

18 Picnic Tables (bolted down)

110V Electricity Available

2 Free Standing Charcoal BBQs

Trash Cans

Restrooms Available

ADA Accessible Parking

Near Playground

Water Available by Request

Covered Area

7 Picnic Tables

110V Electricity Available


Trash Cans

Restrooms Available


Near Skate Board Park

Water Available by Request

Tam O'Shanter Park Spray Park - Both Tables Under Covered Area
- Utility Soccer Field Kelso Commons Park - Picnic Area
- Dance Floor Scot Hollow Park - Picnic Area

Facility Use Fees


Master Fee Schedule

Fees the City Manager is authorized to waive as per Resolution No. 14-1115

Please note that gatherings of 100 people or more will also be required to submit a Special Event Permit Application and associated fee.

 Group Category

Covered Area

Tam O'Shanter
Covered Area

Other Park Reservation

I. Parks and recreation programs, park co-sponsored programs, other City sponsored events, park department and/or other city department benefit programs

Fee Waived

Fee Waived

Fee Waived

II. Non-profit organizations who charge membership fees, request donations and/or schedule fundraisers, including church organizations

$40.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

$75.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

$25.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

IV. Private parties and/or clubs

$60.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

$100.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

 $35.00* for (4) hours of use or part thereof.

* Non-city resident fee additional $25.00 


Facility Use Payment Information


  • All reservation fees are to be paid, and other requirements met, prior to receiving a valid reservation.  Exclusive use is not allowed until application is approved and fees are paid.
  • Canceled reservations prior to 30 days before the event will be refunded the rental fee only.  Cancellations within 30 days of the use will not receive the rental fee back.
  • Reservations are intended for single event use.  No applicant or group may reserve the same space more than three times in any six month period except by seperate agreement with the City.
  • The fee charged is based on the following categories:
    • Nonprofit– Those organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation or other community or church organizations that do not generate a profit.
    • Private/Club– Individual events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, gatherings or other such uses not open to the public
    • Special Event– Gatherings of a commercial nature or reservations in excess of 100 people.
    • Residents- are people residing or owning property within Kelso city limits
  • A refundable cleanup/damage deposit may be required.  If facility or park area is left clean and undamaged and user does not exceed approved time or conduct activities that have not been approved, the deposit will be refunded.  Deposits are not refunded for canceled rental.  If policies, procedures or rules are not followed, or if security or maintenance is required, the refund may not be returned.  Refunds may take up to 30 days to receive.
  • Check, cash, or debit card payments can be made, in person, at our Finance Department. Checks made out to the City of Kelso may be returned by mail with a completed reservation application.
  • Additional fees and conditions may be required for special events such as security, additional garbage cans, city staff, or other measures that will ensure safety and be compatible with the facility and other park use.
  • Insurance is required for any event servicing alcohol, selling food, conducting high rishk physical activities, such as "bounce house" toys, or other activities determined by the City to involve a higher risk to the City.


Reservation and Use Policies and Procedures


  1. Complete Park Reservation Application and return with the payment of total rental fee (including deposit as required) to hold the facility date and to process final approval.
  2. Reservations for each year are accepted from the 1st business day in February through the end of September.
  3. Reservation agreements may not be entered into by minors (17 years & under). An adult, 18 and over must be present at all times during the reservation.
  4. Only those areas outlined herein may be reserved.
  5. No announcements, publicity or advertising is to be done for events at park facilities until you have paid for and received an approved reservation application.
  6. The person signing the application is responsible for any loss or damage during the reservation.
  7. Groups must do their own set up and clean up.  Set up and clean up is to be included in your park use time.
  8. Approved reservations are for the use of the designated reserved area only.
  9. Items brought into the facility are to be taken out at the end of the facility use.
  10. Structures must have prior approval.  All structures must comply with fire, planning, and building codes. Tents over 120 sq. ft. (10x12) require a permit and must be inspected by the Fire Marshall prior to occupancy. Additional park rental days may be required to accomodate inspections.
  11. No subcontract for facility use or rental is allowed without prior Kelso Parks and Recreation Department approval.
  12. By dusk or no later than 9:00pm park rentals are to end, and cleanup is to be completed by 10:00pm.
  13. Report facility safety concerns immediately to the Kelso Parks and Recreation Department.  In an emergency call the Police Department by dialing 911.
  14. You must follow all other policies, procedures, and rules for park use and conform to all applicable State, County and Local codes and laws.