Open Budget Kelso

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Open Budget Kelso represents the City’s revenue, operating, and capital budgets separately. The Revenue Budget breaks down the sources of funds used to provide services and construct capital projects while the Operating Budget illustrates the allocation of funds for the delivery of all City programs and services. The Capital Budget displays the list of one-time infrastructure and improvement projects and large equipment purchases authorized within the 2015-2016 biennium. Individual projects in the Capital Budget are shown on the map, if tied to a specific location.

Example of Open Budget view

The City adopts its annual budget by “Fund”. Each fund falls into the following categories:

  • Enterprise (Operating and support funds for City Utilities)
  • General (Law Enforcement, Legislative, and Administrative functions)
  • Special Revenue (General government functions with specific funding sources)
  • Fiduciary (SW Wash Reg. Airport, and Pension administration)
  • Debt Service (Services the City’s general obligation debt – not City utility debt)
  • Internal Service (Equipment Reserve Fund)
  • Capital Projects (Collects special revenues and transfers or spends on capital projects)

View the Open Budget site here. To drill down into the detail, click on any of the Fund Types. At each drill down level you can see What's it for? - what will the money be spent on - and Where's it from? - the funding sources. Keep drilling down to reach the individual budget line items and the amount allocated.

At each drill down level you have the option to switch between the chart view and a spreadsheet view of the underlying data represented by a bar chart or a spreadsheet icon, respectively. Switching to the spreadsheet view gives you the option to download the data set for further analysis with your own tools or by viewing the data on our Open Data site with the rich suite of data filtering, sorting and visualizing tools from Socrata, Inc.

Prior year budget data has been provided through 2012, and can be viewed by clicking the “Over Time” label on the right side of your screen. (Please Note: in 2015, the Sewer Utility Fund was separated from the Water Utility Fund, so 2012-2014 Sewer Utility revenues and expenditures will be displayed within the Water Utility Fund.) Expenditures and transfers of funds related to capital projects are displayed within the Operating Budget app for the current budget year. The Capital Budget app contains detailed descriptions and location information for two years of projects and capital purchases.  

Open Budget Kelso is a cutting edge informational tool developed for our residents and stakeholders.  If you have some thought on how we can make the tool better, or how it could be used to make the budget process more transparent, please send them to