Airport History


The Southwest Washington Regional Airport started out as a grass landing strip on a dairy farm, approximately 109 acres of land that is now owned by the City of Kelso. In 1950 improvements were made and the landing strip became a paved runway. Then in the 1960's material and labor were donated to build an administration building. In 1980 there were major improvements on construction of a parallel taxi way and the reconstruction and realignment of the runway.

The Airport has 70 hangers and 46 tie down spaces. Thirty of the hangers are located on the east side of the airport and include the maintenance hanger operated by the FBO. The remaining 40 hangers are located on the northwest side of the airport. The tie downs spaces are located on either side of the FBO. To the south are 17 tie downs with adequate space to accommodate small, twin engine aircraft. The tie downs located to the north of the FBO include 4 spaces for larger aircraft, 8 spaces for medium sized aircraft and 17 regular sized tie downs. The airport owns the land and provides ground leases for hangers and tie downs.